Potted Trees

Summer Shimmer Aspen

Populus tremuloides 'Select Klaus'


Plant Description

Discovered in windbreak by Kendall Klaus in Hastings, MN, this hybrid tree has increased disease resistance over P. tremuloides or P. deltoides. Named for the shimmer of light that is reflected by the white bark and silver undersides of its large, dark glossy green leaves that turn shades of yellow each fall. The fluttering leaves create a rustling sound that is quintessential summer and hard to resist. Summer Shimmer® suckers dramatically less than other quaking aspen, making it a better choice for smaller landscapes as a specimen or in groves. Preferring relatively cool summers, full sun, and moist but well-drained soil, this poplar is adaptable to a range of conditions once established.

Height: 60-70′
Spread: 35′
Shape: Upright
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Dark green glossy
Fall Foliage: Yellow
Zone: 3-6
Pot Size: 20