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Kahnke Brothers Tree Farm is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC in Saturdays, May – November from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
During our Saturday sales, we sell our trees, shrubs and perennials to customers at wholesale prices.  Our retail area is merchandised especially for home owners, with pricing and signage.  Helping clients pick plants that will grow and thrive in their unique, backyard environments is fun for us! People often bring in pictures or show us their yards on mobile devices.  Once we know dimensions and a little about the light and soil conditions in the planting location, we can make great recommendations.  Sandra Frederickson and I (Connie Kratzke) are both MNLA Certified Professionals and we are here to help almost every Saturday.  Both of us have been here for well over a decade and our experience is a huge asset when it comes to helping our customers.

We wrap and load trees carefully for our clients, to ensure that they arrive at their new homes in good condition.  The “FREE INFO” section of our website provides a wealth of valuable information on a variety of landscape-related topics.  When our customers have more specific questions, we are happy to spend time answering them.  Call, e-mail or contact us via social networks.  We’re here to help.     
We offer additional discounts to landscapers and re-sellers!
Are you helping others achieve their garden goals?  We support that cause!  Landscapers and re-sellers save an additional 10% off of our list prices. Creating and maintaining relationships with our peers is a huge priority for us.  Give us the opportunity to bid your projects.  We may offer additional discounts on large orders.

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