Spiral Tree Guard with Holes 

This 24 in. spiral tree guard (2-Pack) protect your trees from weather, animals and mowing. Each piece protects a 1-1/2 in. in diameter tree, but it can also be used on larger trees. This UV-protected tree guard is easy to install.


Steer manure compost helps give your in-ground flowers, landscaping beds, and vegetable gardens the foundation they need to thrive. By amending your yard’s native soil with this organic blend of aged and screened composted manure, you’ll help promote healthy vegetation and growth. Steer manure naturally contains nitrogen, an essential nutrient plants require to grow healthy roots and stems. And because it contains little to no weeds, it’s the perfect outdoor soil amendment for seeding grass. Compost manure blend also helps maintain soil moisture and aeration for better growing conditions.

Brown Mulch

Add beauty and safety to landscape groundcover applications with Vigoro Rubber Mulch. Made from 100% recycled rubber, this eco-friendly option to wood mulch. It’s easy to use and maintain and perfect for playgrounds and play areas. Unlike wood mulch, it won’t rot or decay, and it reduces allergy risk by inhibiting mold and fungi growth. Use this mulch to stop weeds, insects and pests before they start.


Tree Irrigation Watering Bag

The Sapling Soaker ring is a tree watering bag that is designed to provide proper watering for trees. The low profile of the Sapling Soaker Ring allows for a snug fit underneath small shrubs or bushes as well. Prolonged drip time of 5-8 hours helps to grow trees through constant watering at the root. The bag features built-in slow release emitters for even water distribution. The heavy duty strap secures the Sapling Soaker in high winds preventing blow away. Ideal for municipal street-side plantings, and landscaping applications