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Kahnke  Inc. was formed in 1969 and started out as a lawn and landscape maintenance and snow removal company.  From there it expanded to include landscape installation and later included irrigation installation and maintenance.  As the Twin Cities metro area expanded, Kahnke’s moved there location from Edina, to Eden Prairie, to Victoria, and now to their present location of Plato, MN.  2020-2021 brought about a new change. As the brothers approached retirement, they decided to sell the company to ASRJ d.b.a. Kahnke.

Kahnke  Tree Farm opened in 1993, to serve as a growing range for ball and burlap trees.  These trees were originally installed on commercial job sites by Kahnke Brothers, Inc.  They were also sold at our former retail location, Nature’s Bounty Garden Center in Victoria, MN.  As time went on and our commercial division grew, it made sense to begin growing our own shrubs and perennials too.

Before long, we had thousands of plants in production and it became necessary to consolidate and simplify the business.  We closed the retail store in Victoria and began our Saturday sales at the farm.  Farm sales have gone so well, that we have added fruit trees and native wildflowers to our inventory.  In fact, we produce a large selection of shade and ornamental trees in nursery containers so that they are easier for our retail customers to handle.  Spruce trees are our specialty and we offer significant quantity discounts on select varieties for windbreaks and privacy screens.

In late winter/early spring, we begin planting bare-root shrubs.  After that, we pot up perennials.  By April, we are harvesting ball and burlap trees and uncovering our over-wintered stock.  In May, we begin planting directly outdoors.  Bare-root and liner trees are planted in nursery containers and field rows.  From then on, we keep busy caring for and selling our stock.  Our plants end up in commercial and residential landscapes all over the Twin Cities metro and suburban areas as well as greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota.


Big trees require large holes to accommodate their root systems. Digging large holes isn't everybody's cup of tea.


Landscaping can be a bit overwhelming. Proper planning is essential to success.

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